Past Life?Reincarnation?…January 15, 2019

Several months ago my granddaughter told her mother a story, a story that was later told to me. A story like this, especially when it comes from a five year old can literally raise the hair on the back of one’s neck or at least raise goosebumps. Was this a distance memory from a past life? Reincarnation?

The story begins:

Mommy did you know that I had another mommy and daddy? Did you know that I was born in China? I also had an older brother that use to live in China. In China, they don’t like little girls.

When I was born my other mommy, daddy and brother loved me very much. They gave me lots of hugs and kisses everyday. They knew that I could not stay with them because someone might come and take me away or hurt me. They didn’t want anyone to hurt me so they knew that they must send me away.

My mommy had a beautiful basket that my other grandma gave her. She wrapped me in my warm, soft baby blanket and put me in the basket. She told me not to be afraid. Mommy and daddy took me to the ocean. They put the basket with me in it in the ocean. I heard my mommy and daddy crying. Mommy told daddy that the angels would watch over me and keep me safe until a new family found me.

Mommy pushed the basket and like a little boat I floated away.

I floated for a long, long time. One day I woke up and I wasn’t floating anymore. My basket was sitting on the beach. My new daddy found me and took me to you. My new daddy here is really my brother from China.

He came and found me because he loved me and missed me. He told me we were in America and that I would be safe now. He told me you wanted a little girl just like me. That is why you and daddy are my mommy and daddy now. I love you and daddy but I still love my other mommy and daddy too and I miss them sometimes.

I am sure my five year old granddaughter has never heard of China’s one child policy or their pre-modern views regarding girls. Even if she had such information would surely have been beyond her comprehension. Past Life? Reincarnation?

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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Faerie Broom…January 8, 2019

Barely days into the New Year with sunshine blessing the day instead of the usual snow or ice I was drawn to go outside and enjoying the gift of such a gorgeous day. I grabbed my favorite quilt with it’s now tattered and torn edges that was a long ago gift from my great grandmother. Each thread had been handstitched and much loved had been incorporated  into each stitch.

I walked toward the hollow, gnarled old tree standing guard over the cemetery just feet from the Cabin. I spread the quilt near it’s trunk and settled down. Leaning against the old tree that still stood strong I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the sun’s rays upon my face.

I let my mind and thoughts wonder knowing that they would soon choose a path for my mindful, spiritual journey. Before the journey could began an unusual sound kept breaking through. A soft weeping sound. Was the tree weeping? Was the weeping coming from within the tree?

Leaning forward I turned and peered into the hollow opening of the tree, for a moment I saw nothing. The sun shifted it’s bright rays illuminating the dark, hollow opening in the tree. My heart flipped.

A small circle of faeries sat before me. The weeping came from a beautiful faerie with golden hair as bright and shiny as the sun’s rays. Before her laying upon a bed of fresh pine needles was a tiny faerie child just born. Oblivious to the weeping, the faerie child slept, so tiny, so beautiful.

In my softest voice I asked the weeping faerie, why do you cry? Lifting her tear filled eyes to look into mine she senses that I too am a mother and that she has nothing to fear. Gently, she lifts the tiny faerie child for me to see. Sobbing with a broken heart she says, my daughter has no wings with which to fly.

Tears of my own began to fall. I feel the wrenching heartache coming from mama faerie. Her heartache rips at my heart. Do not weep little mother, I promise you I will find a way to help your daughter. Picking up my quilt I walk sadly back to the Cabin. My mind is racing. Can I keep the promise I made to mama faerie?

As it is winter the woods and grounds are bare and unpleasant looking to the eye, human or faerie. The birth of the faerie child needed to be celebrated with color and beauty. Inside the Cabin I remove the flowers from the vase on the kitchen table. I had picked the bouquet of blue, pink, yellow and purple flowers up at the local florist just days before.

Back at the tree, I surround the tree’s hollow opening with the beautiful, ambrosial scented flowers. Just inside the opening I placed tiny thimbles of honey and milk for nourishment. Repeating my promise to mama faerie I bid them goodnight.

As the night fell I decide a small fire in the fireplace was needed. I craved the warmth and glow that the fire would emit in the Cabin. Hot tea in hand, I wrapped my quilt around my shoulders as I settled into my rocking chair. I gazed into the steam rising from the cup of tea hoping for inspiration and guidance on how to best help the tiny faerie child. Minute upon minute ticked by, soon my teacup was empty and my eyes began to droop.

My dreams filled not with faeries but with witches. The witches flew back and forth through the skies. They played, sang and floated on the clouds. Why? Why am I dreaming of witches? I should be dreaming of how to help the faerie child.

Awake I see the fire is only embers barely burning. The early morning air has a chill to it. Not willing to stir just yet I gather the quilt tightly around me and drift once more into the land of dreams. The witches are still there, still flying.
A tiny speck appears in the distance. It appears to be moving closer and closer. It is so small. What can it be?

A tiny faerie appears riding on a miniature broom glittering of pink and silver. Flying directly to me, the faerie hovers inches in front of me. In a soft magickal voice the faerie says…I am your answer.

I awake with a start. I have my answer. I add a log to the fire, set the tea to steep and begin to gather the supplies that I will need. I am going to make a broom. Not a witches broom but a miniature faerie broom.

From a basket of twigs gathered earlier in the fall I select an oak twig for the broom’s handle. Oak will provide strength and protection. Ash twigs become the bristles adding more protection and love to the broom. Birch bark to bind the bristles to the handle adding more strength as well as beauty and renewal as needed to the broom.

A unique, special addition is a must. A small acorn cap bound to the handle with threads from my quilt becomes a seat for the tiny faerie. The broom now assembled receives it’s finishing touch. A beautiful shade of pink paint and generous amounts of pink and silver glitter completes the miniature faerie broom.

My heart swells and tears fall as I kneel in front of the tree. I open my palm to reveal the miniature faerie broom…my promise.

The sparkle of pink and silver glitter enhances the landscape around the Cabin and sweet, magickal, musical giggles of a tiny faerie child float on the wind.

See the Magick…Embrace the Magick…Feel the Magick


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Gingerbread Kisses…December 31, 2018

During the magickal season of winter as glittering flakes of snow fell from the heavens, their earthly journey guided by the light of a silvery full moon and the glow of the stars a new life was preparing to leave the warm, soft comfort of angel wings that had cradled him since time began.

In his soft, feathery cocoon, many centuries had passed while he patiently waited for the perfect moment…this moment. A moment that he had chosen all those years before. A moment full of wonder, promise and magick.

Before goodbyes were said between the angel and the boy, the angel told him one last story as they feasted on honey-milk and gingerbread cakes. It was his story. He listened intently for he did not want to miss anything.

As the last drop of honey-milk was drank and the last crumb of gingerbread cake was swallowed the angel kissed the boy’s forehead and opened her wings wide. It was not a sad time but a joyous time as the boy stepped forward leaving the angels soft, feathery wings. With the moon guiding his path, the boy swirled amongst the glittering flakes of snow as he rode a glowing star toward his new life.

Soon he was cocooned once again, not by angel wings but by the warm, soft arms of the mother he had chosen all those years ago. No longer was he surround by angels. His father, his grandparents and numerous other family members surrounded him and his mother. All rejoicing in his arrival.

Soon all was quiet, the boy and his mother was left to themselves. He gazed into her dark, brown eyes and she into his. Her brown eyes saw the magick he was made of. A curl of soft, downy red hair, crystal blue eyes, dimpled cheeks, ten fingers, ten toes, and a tiny, pink cupid’s mouth stole his mothers heart and soul.

As his mother lowered her face to his she was surprised to catch the slightest hint of honey-milk and gingerbread upon his breath. His crystal blue eyes gazed at her intently. In that moment, each saw the love that bonded them. The love that each had patiently waited for.

Their love for each other shone brighter than the moon and stars combined. He felt her heartbeat and she felt his. Their heartbeats synced and became one. She knew, he knew, that their love for one another would be unique, special and full of magick.

As she twirled the soft, red curl around her finger a tiny white feather floated out and landed upon the bed. She knew in that moment that she held an angel in her arms. An angel that would gift her with sweet, gingerbread kisses forever.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


Had I but a penny in the world thou shouldst have it for gingerbread…Shakespeare

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Snowflakes…December 10, 2018

Christmas, Star, Snowflake, Banner

Flakes of snow begin to fall and I recall a quote from Novala Takemoto: “Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity. The snowflakes fall silently. Like my thoughts some of them drift away on the wind, others remain.

Unlike Mother Earth I cannot hear the snowflakes as they fall. Ever attentive Mother Nature hears the gentle call of each snowflake and gathers them close just as a loving mother gathers her child to her heart. Like a child, each snowflakes is different, each is special in its own unique way.

Although I cannot hear the falling snowflakes, I can feel the great power that each holds, a power that calls for inner reflection, silence and stillness. A power that provides a majestic tranquility that transforms not only the earth but hearts and minds.

With each swirling snowflake from the sky a thought, a memory, a dream, a hope, a heartache, a tear, a smile, a disappointment, a success and heartbeats of love come to visit, whispering to me in a most magickal voice. It reminds me that like a child if I believe, truly believe, there is magick and that magick that will reveal the clarity that I long to see.

A desire to experience and feel the magick of the falling snow calls strongly.  I step outside, I remain still. I am unable to mar the unblemished white blanket woven together from millions of snowflakes that lies before me. The moonlight bounces from each flake shining and sparkling like diamonds.

I turn my face up into the moonlight and the falling snow. As each snowflake lands on my upturned face I imagine that all the angels of heaven are dropping soft, feathery kisses upon my eyes, my cheeks, my lips.

As the snowflakes fall my heart and soul transform and fill with clarity and magick.

Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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November 26,2018…One Holiday Down

Thanksgiving Pics edited.jpgFor several days the Cabin was filled with family, laughter, giggles, fun, games, movies, magick and way to much food as the family all squeezed in for the Thanksgiving festivities. These times are truly a blessing. It is sad and quite when they all leave and  return to their own homes. If the weather and work schedules cooperate we will all be together again soon for Christmas.

With Christmas just around the corner I have been busy planning my Christmas gift list and crafting various gifts. I even ventured out Thursday evening for a Pre-Black Friday Sale with my youngest daughter. I came home empty handed but my daughter found several movies and games to contribute to her Christmas stash.

Saturday after the last of the family said their goodbyes my husband and I journeyed out for the day. For several months we had been seeing an advertisement for a  pioneer/frontier trading day at Fort Boonesboro. I was hoping that I might discover a unique Christmas gift or two but that was not to be. I was very disappointed in what they had to offer and display. Again, I came home empty handed.

Yesterday (Sunday) I decided to snuggle in on the couch in my fuzzy pj’s and do a Christmas movie marathon.  Sometimes we all just need a lazy day. Today, I put all the autumn/Thanksgiving decorations away. I am not ready just yet to bring out the Christmas decorations…soon though.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Accept the Magick


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November 19, 2018… Busy, Busy, Busy



The past week has been busy, busy, busy with work, two birthdays (my son and granddaughter), a shopping trip for holiday dinner and craft supplies, crafting gifts and prepping for the upcoming holidays (Christmas and Thanksgiving). I am wore out just writing about it all.

When you get your granddaughter a camping barbie for her birthday and she says…but mamaw, I don’t have a tent for her. The light bulb goes off and you immediately start designing a campground and tent for her Christmas gift. I was so excited when I found fabric for the tent at Hobby Lobby that had a camping design.

A new grandson is due to arrive in January so when I saw the blue puppy fleece fabric, also at Hobby Lobby, it called to me to craft a tie quilt. Tie quilts are very easy to make, warm and very cute. Several other holiday crafting projects are waiting to be started but there is still time.

Yesterday (Sunday) the hubby and I made an impromptu trip to Douglas Lake in Dandridge, TN to do some crappie fishing and spend some “us time” before the family arrives for Thanksgiving in a few days. The temperature was a bit chilly, around forty degrees when we arrived (feels much, much colder when riding a boat down the lake and the wind is blowing) and  fifty-four degrees when we left but we were dressed warmly and fished the day away. Toward the evening we were blessed to see a bald headed eagle. He was beautiful and majestic. Our take home catch was not as good as we would have liked but that was ok, we did not come home empty handed.We enjoyed the day and time spent together.

A couple more days of work this week then I can prep a few dishes before the various family members began to arrive on Friday instead of Thursday for Thanksgiving, one day will not make a difference. The Cabin will be full of family, love, magick and laughter for several days. We will love and cherish every one and every minute. We will count our blessings and be grateful that we have all gathered once more at the Cabin.

Holiday Blessings to all.

See the Magick, Feel the Magick, Experience the Magick


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November 12, 2018…Big Girl Panties and Intent

Over the weekend, I was running low on a few staples in the pantry which led to the decision to make a quick trip to the local Super Walmart. Being the weekend and with the Thanksgiving and Christmas/Yule holidays just weeks away I dreaded the excursion.

” I pulled up my big girl panties” and did what I need to do. When I arrived at my destination the parking lot was full of cars and trucks. Not a good sign as far as I was concerned.

Some of my past experiences with shopping and shoppers at this time of the year have been unpleasant to say the least. I was determined this trip was going to be different. Taking not one but several deep breaths I set my intent. Setting an intent is the craft of focusing your emotions, desires and will to change the energies surrounding you as well the the energies within you. If you are honest with your self you know we sometimes bring about unpleasant things and situations with the energies and thoughts we put out there.

My intent was to have a pleasant shopping experience. With another deep breath I straightened my shoulders, stood tall and entered the store. Hundreds of shoppers pushed carts throughout the many aisles. The intent was working. There was a calmness in the air, no one seemed to be in a rush, no one appeared rude or angry. Nearly everyone had a smile to share, strangers want to engage in conversation or ask if I was getting ready for the holidays.

The guy standing in the checkout line behind me shared his new career dreams and pictures from a recent trip he had taken. The cashier spoke of childhood traditions and plans for Thanksgiving while making sure that my purchases were loaded into my cart in a way so as not to break or squish fragile items.

For those who know me, you know one of my biggest pet peeves has to do with shoppers who do not put their shopping carts into designated areas when done with them. So, I must tell you that the best part of my shopping trip was when a young  boy offered to return my cart for me.

Pre-holiday magick? Maybe. Intent? Definitely. Magick and intentions do happen when you truly believe.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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