Magickal Greetings!

Welcome to My Magickal Cabin, fondly dubbed “the bird house” by my husband. Our cabin is nestled in the Pine Mountains of Southeastern Kentucky. Our gorgeous, breath taking mountains form a ridge of the Appalachian Mountains.

It is here that practical and magickal meet at the hearth of our cabin. Where spells, medicinal teas, tinctures, soaps, salves, dyes and a variety of different things are brewed in the ancestral cauldron,  herbs are hung to dry, foods are preserved, family gathers, healing occurs, crafts are made, stories are told and ancestors are remembered.

Some days find me inside at the hearth creating magick and other days find me outdoors in search of magick and adventure.

Come by the Cabin for a visit, we will sip a cup of herbal brew and I will tell you all about the Magick of the day.


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