September 4, 2018 Apple Magick

Being a Virgo September, Autumn and the Harvest Moon are a part of my DNA. When Autumn arrives, I come alive.

Officially Autumn doesn’t begin for a few more weeks. Here at the Cabin I can feel the Magickal turn of the Wheel as we move closer to the crisper, cooler months of Autumn.

Autumn’s Magick calls to my soul. It calls to the Hearth of the Cabin.

My husband and I were gifted with a bushel of apples harvested from a nearby orchard. Today I answered the Harvest call to create something Magickal and delicious with the apples.

Out came the cauldron, the peeled apples, sugar and spices. Soon the sweet aroma of apples and spices filled the house as earthy brown apple butter bubbled and simmer. As I stirred the bubbly contents my thoughts drifted to the folklore stories about apples passed down from ancestors.

It is said if a young unmarried girl can peel an apple without breaking the spiraling peel that she can toss the peel over her shoulder and the peel will form the first letter of the first name of the man she will marry.

The swirling aromatic steam from the cauldron brought forth images of my oldest grandson who like Johnny Appleseed likes to save his apple seeds to plant.  Johnny Appleseed brought forth images of elementary school and the lessons about him, then there was the memory of giving the teacher apples throughout the year.

Thinking of all the Autumn traditions and Magick associated with apples brought forth feelings of being Blessed that I am able to enjoy the traditions and stories passed from generation to generation.

After a Magickal day of reminiscing the pantry shelves are filled with pint jars of sweet, delicious apple butter. In the months to come the apple butter will cover hot, buttery biscuits, fill stack cakes for Christmas/Yule and stuff gift baskets.

                                               Thanks for stopping by the Cabin.


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