September 5, 2018… I accepted the Magick

The grey foggy light of morning peeped through the cabin window letting me know that I should have already been up, dressed and ready to begin the day.

Comfy robe, fuzzy slippers, my favorite magickal brew in hand I made my way to the deck to officially greet the new day. As I drank my steamy dark brew I listened to the various animals that like myself were coming out to greet the day. Chattering fuzzy tailed grey squirrels, clucking chickens, crowing roosters, chirping birds, cawing crows, snorting deer are  just a few of the many woodland creatures that shares the land upon which our cabin stands.

As my cup neared empty I mentally viewed the list of chores that was on the list for today. A soft whisper tickled my ear…Come, enjoy the day with me whispered Mother Nature. My automatic response formed…No, I can’t. I have to much to do. Once more, I saw the list of chores in my mind. Again… the gentle soft whisper…Come, enjoy the day with me. My next thought formed. Yes, I can. Yes, I will.

The list of chores was pushed to a file somewhere in the far corner of my mind.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off on a magickal adventure I go. The road I chose to take was not a yellow brick road, but a mountainous road that weaved in and out of several different counties. Feeling like Little Red Riding Hood with my basket of goodies in the seat next to me, windows rolled down, wind blowing back my hair I began my journey.

As I drove through the different counties on the path I had chosen I fondly remembered the different people…family, friends and brief acquaintances that I had known from these areas. I thought of the footprints, the gifts and the knowledge they had left behind.

Along the way, I took time to really see, absorb and to stop and touch the beautiful artwork of the world’s greatest artist…Mother Nature.

My journey did not end at grandma’s house in the woods but at my son’s “tiny” blue house. Greeted by my beautiful, blue eyed granddaughter with arms outstretched I knew that I had made the right choice when I said Yes to the soft whisper of Mother Nature. There is nothing more magickal than the hugs, kisses and giggles of a grandchild.

The visit came to an end, and  goodbyes were said. Gifts of delicious, sweet handmade goodies were left for their enjoyment.

The Cabin was calling for me to come home.

I had accepted the Magick.




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