September 6, 2018…Cat Heads and Healing

No Pillsburg Grands at the cabin for breakfast. My Appalachian ancestors were quite fond of  making and serving “cat head” biscuits. I continue this baking tradition each time I make biscuits.What in the heck are “cat head” biscuits you ask? Cat head biscuits are large, hardy, fluffy biscuits that bake up to the size of an adult cat’s head. The dough is mixed, pinched off and formed into a ball. No rolling pins or cutters allowed! The ball of dough is placed into a greased cast iron skillet and slightly flattened before being placed in a hot oven to bake until golden brown. The “cat head ” biscuits are truly melt in your mouth Magick, especially when topped with homemade butter. YUMMM!!!

As my husband and I sat at the kitchen table with our morning coffee brewed to perfection eating the hot, steamy buttered biscuits memories of all the wonderful women in our lives…our mom’s, grandma’s, great grandma’s, my step mom and even an aunt or two came to visit. It was almost like having them sitting there at the table with us as we reminisced. They were all great cooks and bakers. These women were what we call “old school” cooks. No pre-packaged or microwave meals for them. Their style was farm to table, anything “pre-packaged” was canned, frozen or dried throughout summer and fall to be used during the cold winter months.

When the last crumbs of biscuits were gone and the coffee pot was empty  our visitors retired to their rooms in which they now dwell in our hearts and minds.

Slipping into my work uniform (scrub pants and a T-shirt) I headed out the door to work. The other cabin that sits on the other side of the driveway houses my massage therapy business. I am sole owner and therapist. This too is a magickal place… healing and relaxation occur tDSC_0080.JPGhere, not only for my clients and family but for me too.

See the Magick…Accept the Magick


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