September 7, 2018…Time Flies



My! Time seems to FLY here at the Cabin. The week has been filled with hard work, healing, fun, treats, adventure and most of all Magick.

Today we finished up a project started earlier in the week…a shed with wooden shakes (shingles) that will keep our winter firewood dry. We have calculated it to take six to seven cords of wood to keep the Cabin warm and toasty this coming winter. We have named our Hutch Rebel wood stove the Wood Monster. He is like the cookie monster…saying feed me, feed me, especially on those extra cold chilly nights.

Hard work should always be rewarded with a special treat. What better than fried apple pies. Crisp and sprinkled with sparkly grains of cinnamon sugar they are melt in your mouth Magickal deliciousness. According to my husband fried apple pies are like chips…you can’t eat just one.

May your weekend be filled with adventure and Magick.

   See the Magick…Accept the Magick










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