September 10, 2018…A Pre-Autumn Day

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Magickal Greetings! A weekend adventure led us two hours north of the Cabin. We met up with our two daughters and three of the grandchildren for  a pre-birthday lunch for me.  After lunch the girls went off to do some shopping for a wedding and my husband and I took the grandchildren (nicknamed “The Bugs”) to Joseph-Beth bookstore. The two boys and papaw went one direction and Charleigh and I went another. After nearly an hour Charleigh finds a book that she likes and says, now mamaw we have to find you a book about Witches. I ask her why and she says because you like “witchy” stuff lol. Guess she knows her mamaw quite well.

No Magickal message of inspiration from “Charlotte” at the Cabin on this cool, rainy September day. Taking advantage of the rainy day I snuggled in on the couch with Lyn Thurman’s book: The Inner Goddess Revolution, researched how to become a children’s picture book author/illustrator. The illustrator part I don’t know about hahah.

After the reading and research my eyes needed a rest, gently closing them I allowed myself to take a journey back in time to 2014. Four years ago on this day I was in Evansville, Indiana for the birth of my youngest grandson. He, as well as the other four grandchildren are truly magickal gifts. My heart melts just thinking about them.  The boys, their snakes, snails and puppy dog tails and the girls full of sugar and spice (some days anyway haha).

A mug of pumpkin spiced hot chocolate calls to me as this rainy Magickal day nears an end.

                                                 See the Magick…Accept the Magick















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