September 11, 2018…Sit in the Corner


As a young child I hated hearing my parents say the dreadful words… Go Sit in the Corner. Now days it is something I order myself to do here at the Cabin.

I have loved to read since I was a very young girl. When I left home in my early twenties I decided to donate all the books I had collected over the years ( this did not include the ones I had loaned out and never got back, or all the Archie, Casper, Richie Rich and various other Comic books) to the local library. A grand total of 2,026 books.

Another collection soon began.  As my children came so did the children’s books. Our local grocery store carried the Golden Book series.  There was no Walmart or Bookstore nearby. The books were $0.99 each. Have you seen the price of a Golden Book recently? Every week when I grocery shopped the children got to pick a couple new Golden Books. It was always a tradition to let one child (we had three) choose a book each night to read before going to bed. All three children would gather on the bed of the picker to hear the story chosen. The tradition continued until their preteen years at which time they begin to develop different taste in books and began to read to themselves. Often times we would find them hidden under the covers way past their bedtime engrossed in a chapter book of intrigue and Magick.

Before the grandchildren moved away they got a huge kick out of going to the local library and seeing a “checkout” card in a book with their parents name on it. Everything at the library was digital by the time the  grandchildren were big enough to go, but the library had left the holder pockets with the check out card on which hand written signatures showed who and when the book had been “checked out.” Made for neat reminiscing for the parents as well. 

I use to think why would anyone want to own a Kindle or a Nook. I wanted to feel the book in my hands, I wanted to hear the sound as the pages turned, I wanted to smell the book, to “dogear” a page, I wanted to see it lying on the couch, chair or table as I walked by.

After moving to the Cabin…my “birdhouse”… I soon begin to see I could not collect books like I had always done before. When I was gifted with a Kindle for Mother’s Day several years ago I was reluctant at first but soon fell in love with a new way to read and collect books.  I do have some hard copies of a few favorites and I still keep books on hand for the grandchildren when they come. I even have Audible books on my phone to keep me entertained when driving to and from various adventures.  Just let me say this, on a dark night engrossed in a good audible book it is very easy to miss a turn hahaha.

Today has been a sit in the corner day!!!

   See the Magick…Accept the Magick





#Reading Corner








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