September 17, 2018… Preserve the Magick

As I sit here at the Cabin in “my corner” on yet another rainy day watching the wild ducks that have flown in to enjoy a respite on the pond I reflect on the symbolism of the duck. It is said if a wild duck comes to visit it is an omen that you should spend some extra time connecting with family.

The Appalachian mountains that encase the Cabin are seeped in superstitions, omens, mystery and Magick. From these mountains come the “Old Ones” my ancestors. A rare and proud breed of people…men and women who labored, fought, grew and learned side by side. They learned the mysteries and the Magick of the mountains. They took heed of the omens and superstitions.

It is their blood, their knowledge, their Magick, their superstitions that run through my veins calling to me to use and preserve what has been handed down to me. I pull out the old tattered Grimoires written in the dark of the night with only a coal oil lamp or candle to shine a light upon the pages, I read and take to heart the beautiful Magickal words laid out like a map or a recipe giving directions, landmarks and instructions on how to really  “see” what is often in plain sight, how to connect with Mother Earth, her signs, her bounty which is given freely to provide healing and nourishment that will fortify our bodies, our souls, our minds, our spirits, how to watch the Wheel of the Year turn, the sun, the moon, the animals. It has all been written and I have been asked to preserve the ancestral stories, the ancestral knowledge, the ancestral heritage.

I listen to and heed what the duck has told me…connect with family…past and present.

I will grow and preserve the Magick.

 See the Magick…Accept the Magick














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