Under the Autumn Moon…October 1, 2018

 (image comes from Facebook)

Autumn has arrived and so has the Magickal month of October. As I sat on the deck of the Cabin earlier today looking out onto the Beauty and Blessings of Mother Earth during this most Magickal season I watched and giggled as the fuzzy tailed squirrels scampered quickly about gathering the crumbs left over from the breakfast biscuits that we had not consumed. I always like leaving one or two just for my backyard friends. I scolded the squirrels and reminded them to be nice and share with the birds.

Wrapped in cozy Autumn colors, warm solar beams from the bright, golden sun penetrated the foliage of the trees surrounding the Cabin dripping a magickal  warmth that soon had my eyes fluttering shut. Like an anxious child wrapped in a hug, the warmth of the sun calmed my mind that had scampered to and fro like the squirrels.

Relaxed, I wandered deep into the woods. I was in awe of the colors, the smells, the sounds. My footsteps led me farther and farther, deeper and deeper into the woods where I spotted a unique, mysterious set of wooden steps. The steps went down, down, down the Autumn mountainside…no end in sight.

I think of Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole. I think of Hansel and Gretel following the breadcrumbs. Did I Dare??? What would I Find???

I placed my foot on the first step…

The solar beams were now cool, silvery moonbeams that danced off white, sparkly pebbles that covered the earth beneath my feet. A dull, yellow glow shined like little lanterns from hundreds of fireflies flitting back and forth providing light for the world I had entered.

A voice came  floating across a musky breeze. Was it the voice or the breeze that left tiny goosebumps on my skin. The voice was not audible in the normal sense yet it spoke loudly and was oddly familiar.

Standing  bathed in the milky moonlight I paused as the fireflies synced into a straight line and began to fly deeper and deeper into the unknown darkness with their tiny glowing lanterns beckoning me to follow. Like children playing follow the leader my feet began to move and I joined the fireflies march. The path we followed weaved in and out among trees with rustling leaves and standing stones that wore old, wise looking faces.

A whiff of wood smoke tickled my nose. Ahead the fireflies lanterns revealed a moss covered cabin. Puffs of smoke spiraled lazily from the stone chimney filling the dark woods with a hazy, grey mist. Slowly the fireflies extinguished their lanterns which told me their journey had come to an end. I would no longer need them. They had brought me to my destination.

Standing at the door of the cabin I placed my hand on a ornate, rusty doorknob. The voice I had heard earlier bid me to enter.

Did I Dare??? What would I Find???

The door opened to reveal the cabin was unoccupied. A small glowing fire in the fireplace and a lit candle on a corner table filled the cabin with a magickal welcoming light. From a wrought iron hook in the fireplace hung a black iron cauldron, a wooden ladle rested in the hot, bubbly  liquid filling the pot. The voice bid me to drink.

Scooping the hot brew into the ladle I lifted the potion to my lips and cautiously took a sip. The flavor was a fantastical mixture filled with hints of love, mystery and magick. An enchanting warmth began at my feet and slowly moved up my body.

The voice whispered…you have drank from the Cup of Life and Wisdom. See the Magick, Feel the Magick…Use the Magick.

Wrapped in the glory of Autumn I sat on the deck, laughing as I heard the blue Jay scold the squirrel, reminding him to share.


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