October 31, 2018…Past Memories


Today as I sit in my writing corner here at the Cabin having finished off a cup of delicious Witches Brew (a purple, orange creme flavored frappuccino) from Starbucks my thoughts weave in and out on this magickal, energy filled Samhain/Halloween day.

To my left sits a small spinning wheel decked out for autumn. The wheel although not silver in color catches a thread of a past memory spinning me back to Samhain/Halloween eighteen years ago when I first met Arianrhod, a Celtic Goddess of the moon, the stars and the sky. A goddess of Feminine Power. A goddess associated with the silver wheel, owls and spiders just to name a few.

Spiders are weavers of webs, Arianrhod is a weaver of fate and destiny. As a sacred owl she flies into our soul to guide us. I first met Arianrhod in owl form. New to my spiritual journey I had been calling to the universe for a guide to help me as I walked my new path. My call was heard.

My children and I had been out Trick or Treating on a gorgeous, autumn Samhain/Halloween day. Dusk was just beginning to settle as we were driving back home. Our route put us on an isolated mountain road. There was nothing but trees and mountains on the three mile stretch of dirt road.

We had been riding with the windows down but the chill of night was beginning to settle in, we decided to roll up the windows. Just as my window closed, a huge owl hit the window. I immediately stopped and got out as did the children.

We looked all around but there was no owl to be found. A hit that hard should have killed it or at least left it stunned and addled, or so I thought. Unable to find the owl we continued on our journey.

As I lay in bed later that night I knew that I had experienced something spiritual and magickal. The owl had not died, it had not been stunned and addled. The owl, Arianrhod, had flown straight into my soul. My call had been answered in a most attention getting way.

Arianrhod had flown into my life. As the Wheel turned through the following seasons and years she told me her story. She introduced me to the silver wheel, the moon, the stars, the night sky, spiders and webs. Most importantly Arianrhod introduced me to my Power.

Nearly two decades later Arianrhod still inhabits my soul. She guides me as I spin and weave my fate…my path…my life.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick


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