November and Goodbyes

Norman Hiking                                          leaves

water and minnows

Southeastern KY rocked some awesome weather and colors this past weekend as the Wheel rolled November into the spotlight.

Saturday, my husband and I joined my cousin’s husband and several of her family members and friends to say our earthly goodbyes to her,  scattering her ashes at the location she had requested. Genesis 3:19 tells us that we shall return to the ground from which we were taken, for dust we art and to dust shalt we return. After the tearful goodbyes we all gathered for lunch and memories that brought laughter, not tears.

On the scenic drive home we stopped in several different counties and visited with family. Conversations and plans for the upcoming holidays were made. I always look forward to time with family over good food. I found a new recipe for a Fudge Layer Cake with Caramel Buttercream Icing that I want to add to this years holiday menu. I think the “bugs” will love  the chocolatey magick.

Sunday morning began with cool, clear pristine weather. It called to my husband’s mountain man DNA. Armed with drinks, snacks and camera he answered the call and I tagged along. Hi Ho, Hi Ho it was off to the mountains. We chose a trail in the Cumberland Gap National Park.  We met two single hikers and their dogs so we basically had the mountain to ourselves.

As we hiked we giggled and laughed as we invented stories and scenarios of “what might have happened” on the trail hundreds of years before. Whose footsteps were we walking in? Not only did the trail give us stories and beautiful scenery it gave us a workout.

The day was getting late and the Cabin was calling for us to come home.

Back at the Cabin we just were not ready to give up the outdoors. We wanted just a few more hours of outdoor magick.

Dinner, we could build a campfire and make that pot of chili my husband had been wanting. I pulled out the dutch oven, fondly dubbed the Witches Cauldron or Witches Pot while my husband built a fire and found the tripod. Into the pot went the ingredients. Oops! I nearly forgot the eye of newt (mustard seed). Boil and bubble into campfire deliciousness…and deliciousness it was.

It was time to say goodbye to the day, the warmth of the Cabin called our names. A glass of wine and the new episode of Outlanders made for the perfect magickal ending to our awesome day.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick


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