November 12, 2018…Big Girl Panties and Intent

Over the weekend, I was running low on a few staples in the pantry which led to the decision to make a quick trip to the local Super Walmart. Being the weekend and with the Thanksgiving and Christmas/Yule holidays just weeks away I dreaded the excursion.

” I pulled up my big girl panties” and did what I need to do. When I arrived at my destination the parking lot was full of cars and trucks. Not a good sign as far as I was concerned.

Some of my past experiences with shopping and shoppers at this time of the year have been unpleasant to say the least. I was determined this trip was going to be different. Taking not one but several deep breaths I set my intent. Setting an intent is the craft of focusing your emotions, desires and will to change the energies surrounding you as well the the energies within you. If you are honest with your self you know we sometimes bring about unpleasant things and situations with the energies and thoughts we put out there.

My intent was to have a pleasant shopping experience. With another deep breath I straightened my shoulders, stood tall and entered the store. Hundreds of shoppers pushed carts throughout the many aisles. The intent was working. There was a calmness in the air, no one seemed to be in a rush, no one appeared rude or angry. Nearly everyone had a smile to share, strangers want to engage in conversation or ask if I was getting ready for the holidays.

The guy standing in the checkout line behind me shared his new career dreams and pictures from a recent trip he had taken. The cashier spoke of childhood traditions and plans for Thanksgiving while making sure that my purchases were loaded into my cart in a way so as not to break or squish fragile items.

For those who know me, you know one of my biggest pet peeves has to do with shoppers who do not put their shopping carts into designated areas when done with them. So, I must tell you that the best part of my shopping trip was when a young  boy offered to return my cart for me.

Pre-holiday magick? Maybe. Intent? Definitely. Magick and intentions do happen when you truly believe.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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