November 19, 2018… Busy, Busy, Busy



The past week has been busy, busy, busy with work, two birthdays (my son and granddaughter), a shopping trip for holiday dinner and craft supplies, crafting gifts and prepping for the upcoming holidays (Christmas and Thanksgiving). I am wore out just writing about it all.

When you get your granddaughter a camping barbie for her birthday and she says…but mamaw, I don’t have a tent for her. The light bulb goes off and you immediately start designing a campground and tent for her Christmas gift. I was so excited when I found fabric for the tent at Hobby Lobby that had a camping design.

A new grandson is due to arrive in January so when I saw the blue puppy fleece fabric, also at Hobby Lobby, it called to me to craft a tie quilt. Tie quilts are very easy to make, warm and very cute. Several other holiday crafting projects are waiting to be started but there is still time.

Yesterday (Sunday) the hubby and I made an impromptu trip to Douglas Lake in Dandridge, TN to do some crappie fishing and spend some “us time” before the family arrives for Thanksgiving in a few days. The temperature was a bit chilly, around forty degrees when we arrived (feels much, much colder when riding a boat down the lake and the wind is blowing) and  fifty-four degrees when we left but we were dressed warmly and fished the day away. Toward the evening we were blessed to see a bald headed eagle. He was beautiful and majestic. Our take home catch was not as good as we would have liked but that was ok, we did not come home empty handed.We enjoyed the day and time spent together.

A couple more days of work this week then I can prep a few dishes before the various family members began to arrive on Friday instead of Thursday for Thanksgiving, one day will not make a difference. The Cabin will be full of family, love, magick and laughter for several days. We will love and cherish every one and every minute. We will count our blessings and be grateful that we have all gathered once more at the Cabin.

Holiday Blessings to all.

See the Magick, Feel the Magick, Experience the Magick


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