November 26,2018…One Holiday Down

Thanksgiving Pics edited.jpgFor several days the Cabin was filled with family, laughter, giggles, fun, games, movies, magick and way to much food as the family all squeezed in for the Thanksgiving festivities. These times are truly a blessing. It is sad and quite when they all leave and  return to their own homes. If the weather and work schedules cooperate we will all be together again soon for Christmas.

With Christmas just around the corner I have been busy planning my Christmas gift list and crafting various gifts. I even ventured out Thursday evening for a Pre-Black Friday Sale with my youngest daughter. I came home empty handed but my daughter found several movies and games to contribute to her Christmas stash.

Saturday after the last of the family said their goodbyes my husband and I journeyed out for the day. For several months we had been seeing an advertisement for a  pioneer/frontier trading day at Fort Boonesboro. I was hoping that I might discover a unique Christmas gift or two but that was not to be. I was very disappointed in what they had to offer and display. Again, I came home empty handed.

Yesterday (Sunday) I decided to snuggle in on the couch in my fuzzy pj’s and do a Christmas movie marathon.  Sometimes we all just need a lazy day. Today, I put all the autumn/Thanksgiving decorations away. I am not ready just yet to bring out the Christmas decorations…soon though.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Accept the Magick


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