Gingerbread Kisses…December 31, 2018

During the magickal season of winter as glittering flakes of snow fell from the heavens, their earthly journey guided by the light of a silvery full moon and the glow of the stars a new life was preparing to leave the warm, soft comfort of angel wings that had cradled him since time began.

In his soft, feathery cocoon, many centuries had passed while he patiently waited for the perfect moment…this moment. A moment that he had chosen all those years before. A moment full of wonder, promise and magick.

Before goodbyes were said between the angel and the boy, the angel told him one last story as they feasted on honey-milk and gingerbread cakes. It was his story. He listened intently for he did not want to miss anything.

As the last drop of honey-milk was drank and the last crumb of gingerbread cake was swallowed the angel kissed the boy’s forehead and opened her wings wide. It was not a sad time but a joyous time as the boy stepped forward leaving the angels soft, feathery wings. With the moon guiding his path, the boy swirled amongst the glittering flakes of snow as he rode a glowing star toward his new life.

Soon he was cocooned once again, not by angel wings but by the warm, soft arms of the mother he had chosen all those years ago. No longer was he surround by angels. His father, his grandparents and numerous other family members surrounded him and his mother. All rejoicing in his arrival.

Soon all was quiet, the boy and his mother was left to themselves. He gazed into her dark, brown eyes and she into his. Her brown eyes saw the magick he was made of. A curl of soft, downy red hair, crystal blue eyes, dimpled cheeks, ten fingers, ten toes, and a tiny, pink cupid’s mouth stole his mothers heart and soul.

As his mother lowered her face to his she was surprised to catch the slightest hint of honey-milk and gingerbread upon his breath. His crystal blue eyes gazed at her intently. In that moment, each saw the love that bonded them. The love that each had patiently waited for.

Their love for each other shone brighter than the moon and stars combined. He felt her heartbeat and she felt his. Their heartbeats synced and became one. She knew, he knew, that their love for one another would be unique, special and full of magick.

As she twirled the soft, red curl around her finger a tiny white feather floated out and landed upon the bed. She knew in that moment that she held an angel in her arms. An angel that would gift her with sweet, gingerbread kisses forever.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


Had I but a penny in the world thou shouldst have it for gingerbread…Shakespeare

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