History, Adventure and Fun…June 2, 2019

Yesterday the Wheel turned to June. Soon the Summer Solstice will arrive (Friday, June 21 for my region) bringing us the longest day and the shortest night of the year. It is during this time of the year that lots of  vacations, swimming, cookouts, and camping occur. It is a time of enjoying the outdoors, the beauty of Mother Earth and the warmness of the sun as we spend time with family and friends.

Lots of different festivals and celebrations are taking place in different states and cities. Norman and I like to take day trips to the festivals that are within a couple hours of the cabin. We always seem to have an adventure while experiencing something new and meeting a new friend or two.

Yesterday (Saturday, June 1) we drove over into Tennessee to a Native American festival being held at Sycamore Shoals State Park. The celebrations  were awesome to say the least. My favorite was the performance of the Hoop Dance. The hoops are made and decorated by the dancer. The hoops (circles) symbolizes the never ending cycles of life, having no beginning and no end.  At the end when the hoops were interlocked into two orbs to represent the earth above and the earth below I could feel the spiritual connection so strongly.


The beat of the drums, the vibrations of the different rattles and the music of flutes  during the dances reaches out to your soul and holds on tight pulling you into the story of the dance being performed. The music remains in your heart, mind and soul long after the instruments have become silent.

A female elder was offering spiritual color readings which I couldn’t resist. She explained that she did not see auras but different spiritual colors associated with a person. The first color she discussed with me was the color purple that she saw. Purple is related to spiritual connection, consciousness and spiritual growth.

My second color was green. She asked me what type of work I did and I told her that I am a massage therapist who often incorporates healing touch into my sessions. She asked about my home and I told her about our magickal cabin, the nature colors and décor of the cabin. Then of course there is the outdoor connection with Mother Earth herself, the plants, animals and birds.

My third and final color was rose. Not only is rose associated with love, especially unconditional love it brings forth  compassion, honor and inspiration. I think she read my colors very well. She read Norman to but that is his story. Hugs were given and a new friend was made.

When we could no longer ignore the grumblings of our bellies we went by the food tent.  Traditional burgers, hot dogs, and tacos were being served. The twist and best part was that they were served using Indian fry bread instead of the usual buns and tortillas.

No traditional festival funnel cakes either. Hot Indian fry bread  with topping such as confectioner sugar, fresh sliced strawberries, chocolate, caramel and honey definitely took care of the sweet tooth.

The shade of a small grove of pine trees provided the perfect picnic spot to enjoy the delicious foods served on Indian fry bread. I couldn’t convince Norman that no one would care if we took a nap there in our cozy little spot.

With tummies full and celebrations over we returned content and happy to the cabin.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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