A Published Author…June 13, 2019

Soul Missive Book Cover.JPG   Soul Missive Back Cover

I may not have written the entire book, Monday Morning Soul Missives  (Lyn and Paul Thurman, Quiet Rebel Bureau) but I do have a story in the book ( my story is actually the first one in the book). This makes me a published author…YEAH ME!!!

Years ago as a teenager, I did have a couple stories in Grit magazine. Grit is a magazine that is  full of “inspiring stories, down to earth advice  and tips for living in rural America.” I also won ten dollars once for a published chili recipe.

I guess I have always enjoyed reading and writing, except when I had to read Shakespeare’s Othello and write a paper on it in school…ugh!

My interest in reading varies as does my authors.  My all time favorite book which I read around the age eleven is Green Mansions. It is based on  a 1904 novel, Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest, by Argentinian-born author and naturalist William Henry Hudson [1841-1922).

Monday Morning Soul Missives is available on Amazon. Join myself and a couple dozen other authors and let us inspire, uplift and give hope to you.

Feel the Magick…See the Magick…Experience the Magick


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