A Message…June 17, 2019


This morning as I walked from the cabin down the drive way to work I met a visitor, a turtle. He was “moseying” (walk or move in a slow, leisurely manner) across the driveway. When I see an animal that is rare for me to see, I take it as a “sign” or a message from the universe.

Signs are different for each of us. Truly seeing a “sign” can be tricky. We often ask our self if this is truly a sign or not really.

How can you tell? Become still, silence your mind and heart. Listen, you will hear.  You will know.

I leaned down close to turtle, first to snap his picture, then to ask him where he was going so early in the morning and if he had a message for me. He tells me he is leaving his place of comfort, he is seeking new adventures.

He tells me that I should contemplate the projects (more classes…my husband tells me I should be a professional student lol) I am considering. He tells me to pay attention and to trust the process, stay on path and not to look for shortcuts to get me there faster. He tells me that slow and steady is the best way to reach my goals.

Like the turtle, I need to ground myself and my energy to Mother Earth and remain focused in the present while slowly moving toward the future.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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