Podcast Interview with Lyn and Paul Thurman at the Quiet Rebel Bureau

Quiet Rebel Bureau Interview With Jackie Frazier

To hear my podcast interview with Paul and Lyn Thurman go to:

Quiet Rebel Podcast: Episode 10

Today Lyn and I interviewed Jackie Frazier.
In addition to being courageous, inspiring, and an enchanting author, Jackie runs a massage therapy business in a small town in Kentucky.
Listen in to see how this amazing woman shares her magick smack dab in the American Bible Belt.

The Urban Shaman
Hello Traveller,
Today at the Quiet Rebel headquarters, Lyn and I interviewed one of my favourite writers. Her short stories grab your heart and move your soul.
It was the first time I interviewed her and I actually found myself a bit star struck. Before she got online I had tons of questions ready, then when I heard her voice I lost them.
You don’t want to miss this inspiring lady.


Thank you so much Paul and Lyn for the wonderful compliments and encouraging words.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick

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