When things do not go as expected…August 28, 2019

Signature Tree.jpg     deer

The plan for today was to go to yoga, listen to an audible book on the way to and from yoga,  come back to the cabin, have breakfast, work for a bit, do a few health and life coaching lessons, work some more, fix dinner ( had no idea what to fix) and after dinner dishes get some writing in.

We plan, the Gods and Goddess laugh. True.

My first client called five minutes after  their appointment time and asked, Did I have an appointment this morning? Yes, I replied. Client, I forgot to set a reminder and completely forgot, can I reschedule? Yes, I replied sighing.

The hubby says since you have a few free hours let’s go hiking. Why not I say. I need to go to the grocery store to pick up a couple items anyway. We drove to Cumberland Gap National Park (Tennessee) about thirty minutes away.

The path we chose was not a yellow brick road but a two mile mountain trail and began our hike. The weather was perfect. We met and conversed briefly with others enjoying their day in the same manner as us. It was so nice to be out in nature.

Midway through the hike I received a text that my evening client needed to reschedule. Ok, I replied. Now we can take our time, and stop to smell the roses as the old saying goes.

Taking our time we came across a tree with dozens of carved signatures. I fondly named it the Signature Tree. Next we happened up on a deer in the small creek eating leaves from an over hanging tree. She was not afraid and allowed me to take pictures.

After the hike I made my stop at the grocery and Cabin bound we were. An early dinner of leftover chili solved the problem of what to fix. I think the lessons can wait until tomorrow.

An unplanned catnap is calling my name.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick

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