Is the sky falling?…September 6, 2019



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                                                                                      (Flidais by Moon Spiral-Pinterest)

As I hiked in the early morning hours along my favorite mountain trail I kept hearing plop, plop, plop. What in the world I ask myself? Then it hits me…literally!

Had Chicken Little been right all along? Was the sky falling? Looking down at my feet, I giggle when I see two small acorns laying just in front of my toes.

Then it hits me again! No, not another acorn but the awareness that Flidais, Celtic Earth Goddess who is also a woodland goddess associated with Autumn and the green and brown  autumn colors is throwing acorns to get my attention.

Know that I am here she whispers softly. At that moment I hear a soft movement and look ahead to see not one but five beautiful doe’s staring back at me. Know that I and my sacred deer walk this mountain path with you today.

Conversing as we walk Flidais reminds me that I must embrace both the wild and the domestic within me. She tells me to look at the Scales of my life. If at anytime should they appear unbalanced I only have to speak her name and she will guide me to restoration, balance and the feeling of empowerment that I claimed when I began my spiritual quest.

With each step I take Flidais encourages me to flow with the energy of nature, to open my heart, my eyes, my mind, my soul and look for the beauty and the creativity constantly, listen to the birds, the trees, hear their songs, their stories. Take the path  travelled only by the deer and enjoy and be cognizant of what you find along the way I hear her say as she and her beloved sacred deer fade into the trees.

Plop, plop, plop. I smile knowingly and continue my hike.

See the Magick…Hear the Magick…Experience the Magick


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