Waiting, For What?… September 9, 2019

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I read an article in a magazine  recently that talked about how we have a tendency to put things on hold, waiting for the weekend or waiting for this or waiting for that. Why do we have to wait until the weekend to relax and have fun? Why do we have to wait until the house is remodeled before we invite family and friends over? Why do we have to lose ten pounds before we can take that trip to the beach?

Why can’t we do what we want any day or everyday of the week if we so chose? Maybe our workdays are long, maybe the kids have been whining all day, maybe it’s a bad hair day. So what!

Let’s start sitting aside some time everyday to enjoy the simple beauty and magick of life. Let’s look for the mindfulness, the stillness, the love, the pleasures, the adventures and the small joys. They are there, everyday, all day. We just have to look. Grab them when you see them, enjoy them when you find them.

Let’s stopping making excuses. Let’s stop waiting.Let’s start doing. Let’s start living!

See the Magick….Feel the Magick….Experience the Magick


#Magick #NoWaiting #NoExcuses #Startdoing #Startliving

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