Mabon-Autumn Equinox…September 23, 2019

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Like the middle child, Mabon is now getting it’s time in the spotlight. The second of three Harvest Festivals, Mabon is enjoyed in the course of the Autumn Equinox. This is also the time of year recognized as the Witches Thanksgiving.

Mabon is a time for us to look back over the blessings of the months prior and forward to the third harvest yet to come. A time to accept the blessings of the vegetables, fruits, meats and grains that have nourished our bodies throughout the spring and summer months. A time to continue the harvest and prep for the winter months that will soon arrive.

On this Happy, Blessed Mabon let’s feast and gives thanks to Mother Earth, the sun, the rain, the wind, the bees and birds for the blessings and gifts they have bestowed upon each of us.

My Celebration

There are many ways to celebrate Mabon. Today’s Mabon celebration here at the cabin will be myself and my husband. We prefer our own private celebration in honor of all that we have received.  Later in the month we will share autumn celebration’s with family and friends.

Our celebration will consist of enjoying the fruits of our labor. As I type, I have dinner, a roast and root vegetables slow cooking in a Dutch oven, later cornbread will be made from the gritted grains of corn grown in the garden and sweet fried apple pies are already made and sit cooling on the counter. Can you smell the magick aroma that fills the cabin?

After dinner we will relax in front of a bonfire and contemplate our blessings, our successes, our prosperity and all the love that fills our cabin not only this blessed day but each and every day.

Happy, Blessed Mabon to each of you.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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