The Gingerbread Boy…October 1, 2019

Each week during October a part of the story will be revealed. Follow weekly to see what happens. Full story arrives on Halloween/Samhain 

Nestled secluded in the deep magickal forest among the tall, deep, green pine trees sat a tiny picturesque cottage. The birds and animals of the forest came often to visit the cottage and the beautiful witch, Brianna who lived there. Brianna always had treats and stories for her feathered and furry visitors.

Brianna longed for a family of her own with lots and lots of children. No, Brianna did not want the children so that she could fatten and eat them. She was a kind and good witch. She loved children’s cute smiling faces, their sweet musical voices and laughter. Most of all Brianna loved the pureness of a child’s heart.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


#October #Witch #Gingerbread #Gingerbread Boy #Magick


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