The Gingerbread Boy…October 15, 2019

Part 3

Honed in on the destination Riley maneuveres Brianna through the starlit skies toward a tall, historic looking building. The architecture of the building is breathing taking. It is beautiful. The contents inside the walls of the beautiful building are the jewels that Brianna longs to get her hands on.

As Riley and Brianna are closing in on the building Brianna begins to chant words that are familiar to Riley. Riley knows these words will magickly open the windows through which he and Brianna will enter.

Riley stands in the corner next to the door ready to warn Brianna of intruders should any appear. Brianna claps her hands and dances with joy as she swirls amongst the shelves and shelves of treasures before her. Will she be able to pick just one?

Closing her eyes, she runs her fingers over the treasures while chanting eeny, meeny, miny, moe, a rhyme often used by children as a way of selecting someone or something. There under her pointed finger is her treasure…Pinocchio.

A fairy tale story of a wooden marionette named Pinocchio. Geppetto, a woodcarver dreamed of having his own boy. He decided to make his dream come true by carving a boy from wood. Brianna’s heart pounds. She too wants her own child, but she is not a woodcarver and can not carve a child from wood. She sighs and a tear slips from her eye.

Another story catches her eye, The Gingerbread Boy. Sitting on a bench she begins to read. The ideas in Brianna’s mind begin to swirl faster and faster. She can hardly wait to get home. Brianna’s musical chanting soon has her holding magickal reproductions of the treasured books in her hand as she flies out the ornate library windows.

Back at the cottage settled in front of a warm, crackling fire sipping a steaming cup of special witches brew Brianna reads her treasures once again. Gazing into the glowing fire Brianna decides that she will make her own boy just like Geppetto did.

Brianna does not want a hard, wooden boy. She wants a boy that will be sweet and soft….

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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