What my Soul Wants Me To Know…Jan 9, 2020

awakening card

To become more attuned to what my Soul wants me to know in 2020, I am going to be working with Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching Oracle cards.

Today I drew the Awakening Card…

In the card I see a blue sky and white, fluffy clouds, a blue butterfly, a yellow flower, green hills and a smiling lady wearing a blue dress in a happy pose. The blue color of the sky, dress and butterfly are happy colors for me, the lady’s smile and pose tell me that she is happy.

The affirmation for the card is: I am joyously awake and aware and ready for anything.
What a great affirmation for the beginning of a new year.

This card wants me to know that it is time for me to come out of my fog and really wake up and be aware of what is happening around me…life (relationships, family, financial, hopes, dreams) career, spiritual walk.

To fully awaken my dormant, sluggish potential and power I need to “shake the tree”, wake up and take ownership of what is rightfully mine… my potential and my power.

Connecting with my spiritual vibrations and my higher self is the path I will need to take as my soul and spirit awaken.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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