Chained Rock…September 3, 2019

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Took advantage of having an evening off from work and got outdoors to enjoy the beauty and energy of September with a hike at Pine Mountain State Park. Took the Chained Rock trail for today’s adventure. Below is the story of how chained rock came to be.

The chain that holds back a mountain
Posted by Dave Tabler | August 1, 2017

Visitors love Chained Rock at Pine Mountain, Kentucky’s first state park, established in 1924. But why is there a chain around it?
Some children of Pineville, goes the story, were having troubles sleeping at night because they were afraid that the large rocks that loomed over Pineville on Pine Mountain would break free, come tumbling down the mountain, and smash into Pineville.
Well, the parents of these children invented the story that the rocks were chained to the mountain so the children wouldn’t worry and would go to sleep. Before long the story of the chained rock spread to neighboring communities, and people started showing up in town inquiring about the whereabouts of the chained rock.
In 1933 50 local citizens, plus members of the CCC, the Kiwanians, and the Boy Scouts, assembled the “Chained Rock Club” with the express purpose of turning folklore into a reality, a publicity stunt they hoped would generate added tourist revenue for the park and town.
On June 24, the club obtained an obsolete steam shovel from a Virginia quarry. The machine’s chain weighed 2,500-3,000 lbs. It had to be cut in half before a four-mule team could pull each portion up the mountain in two trips.
When the mules gave out, the Chained Rock Club’s 50 members carried the chains the rest of the way. Atop the mountain, the crew welded the chain back together, and stretched it 101 feet across the abyss. It is anchored at each end with steel pegs 1-1/2 x 24 inches, sunk into holes star drilled by hand.
The publicity stunt was a smashing success; over 6,000 daily newspapers reported the accomplishment of the “Chained Rock Club.”
Today the visitor driving through Pineville who looks up at the big rock, 200 feet long and 75 feet wide, can see the chain which “protects the city.” A hiking trail within Pine Mountain State Resort Park leads to Chain Rock, which affords a magnificent view of Pineville and the surrounding area.

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Night of the New Moon…August 31, 2019

Yeah!!! The season of the Virgo has begun. Last night (Aug 30th) was the New Moon, a time for introspection, reflection, getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. What better way to get rid of old, negative energies and blockages than with a huge bonfire. Staring into the flames is so meditative, peaceful and healing. Watching the old go and visualizing the new in. Connecting with the Goddess and the Universe…awhhhh!!

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As the Wheel Turns…August 31, 2019

Wheel of the YearThe Wheel of the Year as recorded in Ancient times of thosewho lived of the Earth.






(picture from Pinterest-Snow Dragon)

The Wheel of the Year continues it slow, steady turn toward a new month, a new season and best of all… mine and my grandson’s birthdays!!!

I can feel autumn’s energy calling and reaching for me. I am ready and excited with my embrace. I am ready for the ahhhh. If you know me, you know that autumn is my favorite season, my favorite time of the year. It is the season when I truly come to life.

Do…the vibrant colors of autumn… the deep reds, browns, oranges, purples, yellows and greens call to you like the paints of an artist palette’s call to them?

Do…you feel gratitude, a time of reflection, a time of slowing down, do you feel the blessings of the months that have already turned?

Do…the pots and pans of the kitchen’s hearth call to you to fill them with foods and spices… pumpkins, wheat, apples, squash, sweet potatoes, corn, soups, stews, homemade jams, jellies and apple butter, spices of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and pumpkin spice?

Do…you hear the memories of the past… fun times of preserving fruits, vegetables, making candy apples, cookies, pies and baking bread with your mom or grandma, raking leaves with dad or grandpa only to jump in the huge piles and scatter them about again, giggles and homemade Halloween costumes?

Do…you wait for the thinning veil that allows the spirits of known and unknown ancestors to come visiting?

Do…you hear the knock on the door from the Goddesses of the season…Hekate, Cerridwen, Demeter, Persephone,and Morrigan?

Do…you behold the beautiful flowers of the season… marigolds, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, black eyed Susan’s, dahlia’s and coneflower with their scents and nectar drawing the butterflies and bees?

Do…you glimpse the spiders, the webs they weave, the crafty red fox, the ravens, the crows, the hooting owl sitting in the tree all looking to walk with and guide you through the season?

Do…you adorn your autumn altar with fresh and dried autumn flowers, dried leaves that have fallen from the trees, acorns, mini pumpkins, gourds, sheaths of wheat and colorful candles with autumn scents?

Do I? Yes!

The love of autumn and it’s energies are a part of my ingrained DNA. Autumn evokes peace, joy, happiness and contentment in my life and soul.

What does autumn evoke in you?

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Comfort Zone…August 29, 2019

Today makes the second day this week I have stepped out of my comfort zone and done something new and different for me. The first was a podcast interview with Paul and Lyn Thurman of the Quiet Rebel Bureau and now this video.
In my nervousness I flubbed a few words and accidentally turned the camera wrong once… please Feel free to giggle at my “flubs”🙂
Hope you enjoy the video.

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When things do not go as expected…August 28, 2019

Signature Tree.jpg     deer

The plan for today was to go to yoga, listen to an audible book on the way to and from yoga,  come back to the cabin, have breakfast, work for a bit, do a few health and life coaching lessons, work some more, fix dinner ( had no idea what to fix) and after dinner dishes get some writing in.

We plan, the Gods and Goddess laugh. True.

My first client called five minutes after  their appointment time and asked, Did I have an appointment this morning? Yes, I replied. Client, I forgot to set a reminder and completely forgot, can I reschedule? Yes, I replied sighing.

The hubby says since you have a few free hours let’s go hiking. Why not I say. I need to go to the grocery store to pick up a couple items anyway. We drove to Cumberland Gap National Park (Tennessee) about thirty minutes away.

The path we chose was not a yellow brick road but a two mile mountain trail and began our hike. The weather was perfect. We met and conversed briefly with others enjoying their day in the same manner as us. It was so nice to be out in nature.

Midway through the hike I received a text that my evening client needed to reschedule. Ok, I replied. Now we can take our time, and stop to smell the roses as the old saying goes.

Taking our time we came across a tree with dozens of carved signatures. I fondly named it the Signature Tree. Next we happened up on a deer in the small creek eating leaves from an over hanging tree. She was not afraid and allowed me to take pictures.

After the hike I made my stop at the grocery and Cabin bound we were. An early dinner of leftover chili solved the problem of what to fix. I think the lessons can wait until tomorrow.

An unplanned catnap is calling my name.

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Podcast Interview with Lyn and Paul Thurman at the Quiet Rebel Bureau

Quiet Rebel Bureau Interview With Jackie Frazier

To hear my podcast interview with Paul and Lyn Thurman go to:

Quiet Rebel Podcast: Episode 10

Today Lyn and I interviewed Jackie Frazier.
In addition to being courageous, inspiring, and an enchanting author, Jackie runs a massage therapy business in a small town in Kentucky.
Listen in to see how this amazing woman shares her magick smack dab in the American Bible Belt.

The Urban Shaman
Hello Traveller,
Today at the Quiet Rebel headquarters, Lyn and I interviewed one of my favourite writers. Her short stories grab your heart and move your soul.
It was the first time I interviewed her and I actually found myself a bit star struck. Before she got online I had tons of questions ready, then when I heard her voice I lost them.
You don’t want to miss this inspiring lady.


Thank you so much Paul and Lyn for the wonderful compliments and encouraging words.

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Time Flies…August 27, 2019

My, my where has the time gone? Summer is nearly over. For the past two days the weather here at the Cabin has been overcast and grey with a drizzly rain. The temperature has ranged in the high 60’s, mid 70’s. Very nice weather for our region at this time of the year.

Last week my husband and I took a few days to do some adventuring. We packed up the truck and boat and headed for a nearby lake. We set up our new Alaskan Guide tent that became our home for three days and two nights. Quite nice actually as it is tall enough to allow one to stand upright inside with lots of inside space.

This time we purchased cots and pads for sleeping as the air mattress has a tendency to deflate at some point in the middle of the night. The plus side is should it rain and enter the tent we are off the floor and do not have to worry about getting wet. Thankfully we were blessed with warm, sunny temps and no rain.

Our small grill and Dutch oven made some wonderful open fire meals. The fish were not biting so unfortunately there were no fish dinners. Can’t complain though, the beef stew from the Dutch oven was delicious.

We practically had the whole lake to ourselves. This is the advantage of being able to take adventures in the middle of the week while most people are at work or in school.

Today as I looked out over the pond from my writing area of the Cabin I did a podcast interview with Paul and Lyn Thurman from the Quiet Rebel Bureau. This was the first time I have ever participated in a verbal interview that other people would be listening to. I was nervous but really loved stepping out of my comfort zone to do it.

I can’t wait to see what my own voice sounds like…hahaha.

I took a blogging course from Lyn back in 2018, wrote a story for their book Monday Morning Soul Missives (Amazon) and have been invited to write for the Mystic Rebel magazine, a new FREE quarterly e-magazine to awaken your spirit and stir your soul. It’s a collaboration between the Quiet Rebel Bureau, and Mystic River Lounge. Sign up for your subscription to the Mystic Rebel magazine on facebook… you won’t be disappointed.

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