When things do not go as expected…August 28, 2019

Signature Tree.jpg     deer

The plan for today was to go to yoga, listen to an audible book on the way to and from yoga,  come back to the cabin, have breakfast, work for a bit, do a few health and life coaching lessons, work some more, fix dinner ( had no idea what to fix) and after dinner dishes get some writing in.

We plan, the Gods and Goddess laugh. True.

My first client called five minutes after  their appointment time and asked, Did I have an appointment this morning? Yes, I replied. Client, I forgot to set a reminder and completely forgot, can I reschedule? Yes, I replied sighing.

The hubby says since you have a few free hours let’s go hiking. Why not I say. I need to go to the grocery store to pick up a couple items anyway. We drove to Cumberland Gap National Park (Tennessee) about thirty minutes away.

The path we chose was not a yellow brick road but a two mile mountain trail and began our hike. The weather was perfect. We met and conversed briefly with others enjoying their day in the same manner as us. It was so nice to be out in nature.

Midway through the hike I received a text that my evening client needed to reschedule. Ok, I replied. Now we can take our time, and stop to smell the roses as the old saying goes.

Taking our time we came across a tree with dozens of carved signatures. I fondly named it the Signature Tree. Next we happened up on a deer in the small creek eating leaves from an over hanging tree. She was not afraid and allowed me to take pictures.

After the hike I made my stop at the grocery and Cabin bound we were. An early dinner of leftover chili solved the problem of what to fix. I think the lessons can wait until tomorrow.

An unplanned catnap is calling my name.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick

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Podcast Interview with Lyn and Paul Thurman at the Quiet Rebel Bureau

Quiet Rebel Bureau Interview With Jackie Frazier

To hear my podcast interview with Paul and Lyn Thurman go to:

Quiet Rebel Podcast: Episode 10

Today Lyn and I interviewed Jackie Frazier.
In addition to being courageous, inspiring, and an enchanting author, Jackie runs a massage therapy business in a small town in Kentucky.
Listen in to see how this amazing woman shares her magick smack dab in the American Bible Belt.

The Urban Shaman
Hello Traveller,
Today at the Quiet Rebel headquarters, Lyn and I interviewed one of my favourite writers. Her short stories grab your heart and move your soul.
It was the first time I interviewed her and I actually found myself a bit star struck. Before she got online I had tons of questions ready, then when I heard her voice I lost them.
You don’t want to miss this inspiring lady.


Thank you so much Paul and Lyn for the wonderful compliments and encouraging words.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick

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Time Flies…August 27, 2019

My, my where has the time gone? Summer is nearly over. For the past two days the weather here at the Cabin has been overcast and grey with a drizzly rain. The temperature has ranged in the high 60’s, mid 70’s. Very nice weather for our region at this time of the year.

Last week my husband and I took a few days to do some adventuring. We packed up the truck and boat and headed for a nearby lake. We set up our new Alaskan Guide tent that became our home for three days and two nights. Quite nice actually as it is tall enough to allow one to stand upright inside with lots of inside space.

This time we purchased cots and pads for sleeping as the air mattress has a tendency to deflate at some point in the middle of the night. The plus side is should it rain and enter the tent we are off the floor and do not have to worry about getting wet. Thankfully we were blessed with warm, sunny temps and no rain.

Our small grill and Dutch oven made some wonderful open fire meals. The fish were not biting so unfortunately there were no fish dinners. Can’t complain though, the beef stew from the Dutch oven was delicious.

We practically had the whole lake to ourselves. This is the advantage of being able to take adventures in the middle of the week while most people are at work or in school.

Today as I looked out over the pond from my writing area of the Cabin I did a podcast interview with Paul and Lyn Thurman from the Quiet Rebel Bureau. This was the first time I have ever participated in a verbal interview that other people would be listening to. I was nervous but really loved stepping out of my comfort zone to do it.

I can’t wait to see what my own voice sounds like…hahaha.

I took a blogging course from Lyn back in 2018, wrote a story for their book Monday Morning Soul Missives (Amazon) and have been invited to write for the Mystic Rebel magazine, a new FREE quarterly e-magazine to awaken your spirit and stir your soul. It’s a collaboration between the Quiet Rebel Bureau, and Mystic River Lounge. Sign up for your subscription to the Mystic Rebel magazine on facebook… you won’t be disappointed.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick

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A Message…June 17, 2019


This morning as I walked from the cabin down the drive way to work I met a visitor, a turtle. He was “moseying” (walk or move in a slow, leisurely manner) across the driveway. When I see an animal that is rare for me to see, I take it as a “sign” or a message from the universe.

Signs are different for each of us. Truly seeing a “sign” can be tricky. We often ask our self if this is truly a sign or not really.

How can you tell? Become still, silence your mind and heart. Listen, you will hear.  You will know.

I leaned down close to turtle, first to snap his picture, then to ask him where he was going so early in the morning and if he had a message for me. He tells me he is leaving his place of comfort, he is seeking new adventures.

He tells me that I should contemplate the projects (more classes…my husband tells me I should be a professional student lol) I am considering. He tells me to pay attention and to trust the process, stay on path and not to look for shortcuts to get me there faster. He tells me that slow and steady is the best way to reach my goals.

Like the turtle, I need to ground myself and my energy to Mother Earth and remain focused in the present while slowly moving toward the future.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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A Published Author…June 13, 2019

Soul Missive Book Cover.JPG   Soul Missive Back Cover

I may not have written the entire book, Monday Morning Soul Missives  (Lyn and Paul Thurman, Quiet Rebel Bureau) but I do have a story in the book ( my story is actually the first one in the book). This makes me a published author…YEAH ME!!!

Years ago as a teenager, I did have a couple stories in Grit magazine. Grit is a magazine that is  full of “inspiring stories, down to earth advice  and tips for living in rural America.” I also won ten dollars once for a published chili recipe.

I guess I have always enjoyed reading and writing, except when I had to read Shakespeare’s Othello and write a paper on it in school…ugh!

My interest in reading varies as does my authors.  My all time favorite book which I read around the age eleven is Green Mansions. It is based on  a 1904 novel, Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest, by Argentinian-born author and naturalist William Henry Hudson [1841-1922).

Monday Morning Soul Missives is available on Amazon. Join myself and a couple dozen other authors and let us inspire, uplift and give hope to you.

Feel the Magick…See the Magick…Experience the Magick


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History, Adventure and Fun…June 2, 2019

Yesterday the Wheel turned to June. Soon the Summer Solstice will arrive (Friday, June 21 for my region) bringing us the longest day and the shortest night of the year. It is during this time of the year that lots of  vacations, swimming, cookouts, and camping occur. It is a time of enjoying the outdoors, the beauty of Mother Earth and the warmness of the sun as we spend time with family and friends.

Lots of different festivals and celebrations are taking place in different states and cities. Norman and I like to take day trips to the festivals that are within a couple hours of the cabin. We always seem to have an adventure while experiencing something new and meeting a new friend or two.

Yesterday (Saturday, June 1) we drove over into Tennessee to a Native American festival being held at Sycamore Shoals State Park. The celebrations  were awesome to say the least. My favorite was the performance of the Hoop Dance. The hoops are made and decorated by the dancer. The hoops (circles) symbolizes the never ending cycles of life, having no beginning and no end.  At the end when the hoops were interlocked into two orbs to represent the earth above and the earth below I could feel the spiritual connection so strongly.


The beat of the drums, the vibrations of the different rattles and the music of flutes  during the dances reaches out to your soul and holds on tight pulling you into the story of the dance being performed. The music remains in your heart, mind and soul long after the instruments have become silent.

A female elder was offering spiritual color readings which I couldn’t resist. She explained that she did not see auras but different spiritual colors associated with a person. The first color she discussed with me was the color purple that she saw. Purple is related to spiritual connection, consciousness and spiritual growth.

My second color was green. She asked me what type of work I did and I told her that I am a massage therapist who often incorporates healing touch into my sessions. She asked about my home and I told her about our magickal cabin, the nature colors and décor of the cabin. Then of course there is the outdoor connection with Mother Earth herself, the plants, animals and birds.

My third and final color was rose. Not only is rose associated with love, especially unconditional love it brings forth  compassion, honor and inspiration. I think she read my colors very well. She read Norman to but that is his story. Hugs were given and a new friend was made.

When we could no longer ignore the grumblings of our bellies we went by the food tent.  Traditional burgers, hot dogs, and tacos were being served. The twist and best part was that they were served using Indian fry bread instead of the usual buns and tortillas.

No traditional festival funnel cakes either. Hot Indian fry bread  with topping such as confectioner sugar, fresh sliced strawberries, chocolate, caramel and honey definitely took care of the sweet tooth.

The shade of a small grove of pine trees provided the perfect picnic spot to enjoy the delicious foods served on Indian fry bread. I couldn’t convince Norman that no one would care if we took a nap there in our cozy little spot.

With tummies full and celebrations over we returned content and happy to the cabin.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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Remembering…May 31, 2019

It was quiet at the cabin yesterday. The hubby was off helping a cousin with a building project and my work day didn’t start until later in the evening so it was just me, the stillness and the quiet that filled the cabin for most of the day.  I snacked on left over Cardamom Banana Walnut cake  and  enjoyed several brewed pots of delicious  hot, black coffee.

My thoughts swirled from one thing to another. Finally one thought lingered…what to fix for dinner. Sunday my husband (Norman) and I spent some time at a local flea market. Back several months ago I was talking to a lady in another country and mentioned a type of food that is very common here in Kentucky (USA) but she had never heard of it. So if any readers are wondering what in the heck a flea market is Wikipedia gives this definition…flea markets are a type of street market that provides space for vendors to sell previously owned merchandise, also fresh or canned produced and baked goods.

A nice, older gentleman whom Norman referred to as a horse trader because of his sales pitch and bargaining techniques had fresh garden produce for sale. We purchased cantaloupe, blueberries, new potatoes, snap peas and fresh corn on the cob. Everything except a few ears of corn had already been eaten.

I decided to use the remainder of the corn in yesterday’s dinner. I made “fried corn.” When I think of or fix fried corn I always think of my mom and grandmother. I drank more coffee as I “visited” with them.

Our visit took us back many years ago into the small  garden near our house. The moon was turning from our region to another, dawn faded and the sun greeted us with a beautiful, golden smile. We pulled the green, husked ears of corn from the tall stalks and placed them in the tubs beside us. Once the tubs were full we packed them to the front porch where more tubs were  waiting.

Settled into chairs with cane bottom seats we began to shuck the corn of it’s husk and silk. We talked, reminisced and planned as we worked. Once the husk and silk were removed we sliced thin layers of corn from the cob then we scraped the cob to get the last creamy, milky juice out of the cob.

After filling large dishpans with the corn we added water, salt, sugar, cooking oil and butter. Over medium heat we stirred constantly to keep the corn from sticking until the mixture started to bubble. Was I was stirring up spells way back then without even realizing it? The mixture was then removed from the heat and allowed to cool before being spooned into freezer containers and stored in the freezer to be enjoyed later in the cold winter months. A skillet of golden fried corn always brings a ray of sunshine and magick to the dinner table in any season.

I recall one year when during the cooking and cooling process I “sampled” so much fried corn that I “foundered” (ate to much…way to much) and had no desire to eat fried corn that winter.

It was great visiting with my mom and grandmother, dinner was great…especially the fried corn. A magickal day indeed.

Fried Corn.JPG

If there are any leftovers you can return the corn to a skillet and add 1/4-1/2 cup of water, over medium heat allow the corn to begin to bubble then sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of cornmeal to thicken mixture. Remove from heat. Voilà…a new, tasty dish for your next dinner.

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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Renewed Energies…May 29,2019

Greetings… I know I have been absent for a spell (facebook reminds me daily). I hope you will forgive me for slacking. It is hard to believe the new year is almost half over. So much has happened in such a short period of time.

Life and time marches on…

The month of May has me feeling and seeing the renewed energies, changes and shifts that Mother Earth brings in the spring and summer months. Like Mother Earth, I too have felt the need to shift and change. My ways of thinking, ways of seeing past the obvious, ways of thinking outside the box and ways to improve and beautify not only my self but my environment are occurring daily.

I no longer tolerate certain things or people, now I remain quiet and silent where before I chose to argue and fight. I value my word, my voice, my opinion, my time and my energy. The shifts and changes are GOOD.

I have found my freedom, my liberation, my light, my way. I have rediscovered the Magick!!!

All discoveries deserve to be celebrated with cake… Lets’ Bake.

Banana Cake.JPG

Cardamom Banana Walnut Cake


  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/4 cup cooking oil
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 bananas
  •  2 teaspoon cardamom

Beat eggs, water, oil together until frothy, add cake mix. Mix until smooth. add bananas and cardamom, mix until blended well.

Spray a bundt pan with cooking spray, pour in cake mixture. Bake in 350 degree oven 40 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean.


  • 1 cup confectioners sugar
  • 1/4 milk
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom

Mix until smooth and creamy. Pour over cooled cake. Garnish with walnuts.

As with any cake don’t forget to stir in lots of love, sweetness, happiness and magick!

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick























Past Life?Reincarnation?…January 15, 2019

Several months ago my granddaughter told her mother a story, a story that was later told to me. A story like this, especially when it comes from a five year old can literally raise the hair on the back of one’s neck or at least raise goosebumps. Was this a distance memory from a past life? Reincarnation?

The story begins:

Mommy did you know that I had another mommy and daddy? Did you know that I was born in China? I also had an older brother that use to live in China. In China, they don’t like little girls.

When I was born my other mommy, daddy and brother loved me very much. They gave me lots of hugs and kisses everyday. They knew that I could not stay with them because someone might come and take me away or hurt me. They didn’t want anyone to hurt me so they knew that they must send me away.

My mommy had a beautiful basket that my other grandma gave her. She wrapped me in my warm, soft baby blanket and put me in the basket. She told me not to be afraid. Mommy and daddy took me to the ocean. They put the basket with me in it in the ocean. I heard my mommy and daddy crying. Mommy told daddy that the angels would watch over me and keep me safe until a new family found me.

Mommy pushed the basket and like a little boat I floated away.

I floated for a long, long time. One day I woke up and I wasn’t floating anymore. My basket was sitting on the beach. My new daddy found me and took me to you. My new daddy here is really my brother from China.

He came and found me because he loved me and missed me. He told me we were in America and that I would be safe now. He told me you wanted a little girl just like me. That is why you and daddy are my mommy and daddy now. I love you and daddy but I still love my other mommy and daddy too and I miss them sometimes.

I am sure my five year old granddaughter has never heard of China’s one child policy or their pre-modern views regarding girls. Even if she had such information would surely have been beyond her comprehension. Past Life? Reincarnation?

See the Magick…Feel the Magick…Experience the Magick


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Faerie Broom…January 8, 2019

Barely days into the New Year with sunshine blessing the day instead of the usual snow or ice I was drawn to go outside and enjoying the gift of such a gorgeous day. I grabbed my favorite quilt with it’s now tattered and torn edges that was a long ago gift from my great grandmother. Each thread had been handstitched and much loved had been incorporated  into each stitch.

I walked toward the hollow, gnarled old tree standing guard over the cemetery just feet from the Cabin. I spread the quilt near it’s trunk and settled down. Leaning against the old tree that still stood strong I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the sun’s rays upon my face.

I let my mind and thoughts wonder knowing that they would soon choose a path for my mindful, spiritual journey. Before the journey could began an unusual sound kept breaking through. A soft weeping sound. Was the tree weeping? Was the weeping coming from within the tree?

Leaning forward I turned and peered into the hollow opening of the tree, for a moment I saw nothing. The sun shifted it’s bright rays illuminating the dark, hollow opening in the tree. My heart flipped.

A small circle of faeries sat before me. The weeping came from a beautiful faerie with golden hair as bright and shiny as the sun’s rays. Before her laying upon a bed of fresh pine needles was a tiny faerie child just born. Oblivious to the weeping, the faerie child slept, so tiny, so beautiful.

In my softest voice I asked the weeping faerie, why do you cry? Lifting her tear filled eyes to look into mine she senses that I too am a mother and that she has nothing to fear. Gently, she lifts the tiny faerie child for me to see. Sobbing with a broken heart she says, my daughter has no wings with which to fly.

Tears of my own began to fall. I feel the wrenching heartache coming from mama faerie. Her heartache rips at my heart. Do not weep little mother, I promise you I will find a way to help your daughter. Picking up my quilt I walk sadly back to the Cabin. My mind is racing. Can I keep the promise I made to mama faerie?

As it is winter the woods and grounds are bare and unpleasant looking to the eye, human or faerie. The birth of the faerie child needed to be celebrated with color and beauty. Inside the Cabin I remove the flowers from the vase on the kitchen table. I had picked the bouquet of blue, pink, yellow and purple flowers up at the local florist just days before.

Back at the tree, I surround the tree’s hollow opening with the beautiful, ambrosial scented flowers. Just inside the opening I placed tiny thimbles of honey and milk for nourishment. Repeating my promise to mama faerie I bid them goodnight.

As the night fell I decide a small fire in the fireplace was needed. I craved the warmth and glow that the fire would emit in the Cabin. Hot tea in hand, I wrapped my quilt around my shoulders as I settled into my rocking chair. I gazed into the steam rising from the cup of tea hoping for inspiration and guidance on how to best help the tiny faerie child. Minute upon minute ticked by, soon my teacup was empty and my eyes began to droop.

My dreams filled not with faeries but with witches. The witches flew back and forth through the skies. They played, sang and floated on the clouds. Why? Why am I dreaming of witches? I should be dreaming of how to help the faerie child.

Awake I see the fire is only embers barely burning. The early morning air has a chill to it. Not willing to stir just yet I gather the quilt tightly around me and drift once more into the land of dreams. The witches are still there, still flying.
A tiny speck appears in the distance. It appears to be moving closer and closer. It is so small. What can it be?

A tiny faerie appears riding on a miniature broom glittering of pink and silver. Flying directly to me, the faerie hovers inches in front of me. In a soft magickal voice the faerie says…I am your answer.

I awake with a start. I have my answer. I add a log to the fire, set the tea to steep and begin to gather the supplies that I will need. I am going to make a broom. Not a witches broom but a miniature faerie broom.

From a basket of twigs gathered earlier in the fall I select an oak twig for the broom’s handle. Oak will provide strength and protection. Ash twigs become the bristles adding more protection and love to the broom. Birch bark to bind the bristles to the handle adding more strength as well as beauty and renewal as needed to the broom.

A unique, special addition is a must. A small acorn cap bound to the handle with threads from my quilt becomes a seat for the tiny faerie. The broom now assembled receives it’s finishing touch. A beautiful shade of pink paint and generous amounts of pink and silver glitter completes the miniature faerie broom.

My heart swells and tears fall as I kneel in front of the tree. I open my palm to reveal the miniature faerie broom…my promise.

The sparkle of pink and silver glitter enhances the landscape around the Cabin and sweet, magickal, musical giggles of a tiny faerie child float on the wind.

See the Magick…Embrace the Magick…Feel the Magick


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